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SMA Kickboxing

This is your guide to Kickboxing with Southern Martial Arts (SMA). Kickboxing has many aspects to appeal. It is up to the individual what you want to get out of the martial art - the student can aspire to high levels of fitness, skill and self-defence or wish to take it further to compete in tournaments.

We hope to cover most of your questions about Kickboxing and how the SMA can help you reach your full potential, but remember our instructors are always available to give you more information.

What is Kickboxing?

The SMA style of Kickboxing is a fusion of eastern Kung Fu/Muay Thai kicks, elbows and knees with western style Boxing punches.

Who is Kickboxing suitable for?

It is not necessary to be in your teens to be a Kickboxer! Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can take up this martial art; you will develop your strength, stamina and suppleness under the guidance of our instructors. Remember, it not necessary to perform very high kicks in order to progress - good technique, accuracy and flair is considered far more important.

If a student has difficulty with any aspect of the techniques, our instructors can help with suggested exercises, special classes or personal training. With determination and a bit of guidance there are few barriers that cannot be overcome.

This is an adult class (16 and over), however children between the ages of 14 to 15 can attend provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Will I get hurt?

Kickboxing is a contact sport and like any other sport, accidents can happen. At the SMA we do all we a can to minimise the risk of serious injury. Before contact sparring every student will be required to wear protective equipment (given on the Equipment page). No student will be permitted to deliberately behave in a manner that could cause serious injury to another. Such behaviour will be considered a disciplinarily offence and may result in expulsion from the SMA.

What are the benefits of kickboxing?

  • Stamina
  • Suppleness
  • Strength
  • Speed

Who will my instructors be?

  • Paul Hoppe: Senior Instructor and Head of the SMA

Farnham Club:

  • John Devaney: Senior Instructor
  • Kevin Buckland: Instructor
  • Steve Bell: Instructor