Class Information  

SMA Kung Fu

This is a brief guide to Kung Fu with Southern Martial Arts (SMA). It should answer most of your essential questions, but feel free to contact us for more specific or individual information.

The person best placed to know your motivation in seeking martial arts training is you. Whether you wish to learn high level combat skills, vastly improve your fitness, compete in tournaments or be able to defend yourself with confidence; SMA kung fu instructors are here to ensure that you achieve your goals.

What is Kung Fu?

At SMA we train in the Lau Style. This is a medium range method of fighting, based on fluid movement. The style involves kicks, punches and strikes with different areas of the hand, knees and elbows. We concentrate on efficient blocking technique and also employ locks, use of pressure points, sweeps and throws.

Students are expected to progress to defence against weapons And the use of traditional weapons (see more in 'traditions').

Who is Kung Fu suitable for?

Anyone can enjoy and be successful in Kung Fu. We have trained people over retirement age to teenagers. Disability need not be a barrier, nor lack of fitness when starting. Our highly adaptable style will have something for everyone. All we will demand of you is hard work and determination. With that commitment we will unlock your potential for improvement.

Our classes are for adults (we count that as over 14yrs.) Younger persons can train, at the discretion of the Instructor and if accompanied by an adult in the class.

What are the benefits of Kung Fu?

  • Cardio vascular fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Effective self defence
  • Self Confidence

Who will my instructors be?

Southern Martial Arts (SMA) has several highly qualified and very experienced Kung Fu instructors:

  • Damien McLoughlin: Senior Instructor
  • Paul Hoppe: Senior Instructor
  • Mark Wright: Senior Instructor

Between these three instructors are a combined total of over 80 years of continuous kung fu training.