First Aid

SMA First Aid

As well as attending regular updates and teaching classes, all our Instructors are trained as First Responders (First Aiders). This means that your class will be safe as well as effective.

We also recognise that our students may wish to know about First Aid, so we are able to run accredited First Aid courses for all students.

The appointed person First Aid course is at least 6 hours of training, usually split over two days, although the actual time will depend on the student. The emphasis is always on the student and as we all learn at different speeds and in a variety of ways, there is no rush. All skills are kept simple and appropriate for applying to martial arts classes as well as everyday life.

The focus is on keeping the skills very simple and easy to remember. Students are encouraged to read material in advance and then complete practical skills under the instructor.

All students receive a personal manual to keep and a certification card from P.A.D.I. which confirms their credentials.

These courses are open to everyone, however, there is a reduced cost for SMA members. If you are interested in taking part in a first aid course, please contact us.