First Aid

We were formed in 1982 by 5 Time World Kickboxing Champion KEVIN BREWERTON. Since then Farnham has become a respected Centre of Excellence for all types of martial arts (Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Boxing and Self Defence).

All senior Instructors were personally taught by Kevin and still maintain their high quality of skills.

Our AIMS are very simple:

  • To promote SAFE and EFFECTIVE martial arts classes
  • To mentally and physically challenge our students to improve
  • To increase the confidence of our students
  • To increase students fitness levels

Rest assured that all our Instructors have attended Instructors and 1st Aid Courses. They must be assessed and pass before they can teach classes.

So, if you are interested in becoming part of our successful organisation, please take 10 minutes to look through our website and then contact an Instructor or better still, come to a class!

Yours in martial arts,

Paul Hoppe
Head of the SMA
John Devaney
Senior Instructor Kickboxing


Paul Hoppe

John Devaney